Flag Domination

version 1.0



Fans of Bungie's classic game Marathon will recognize this one. First player to die is it, and you tag by fragging. The goal of the game is to be it the least total time.

Most of these shots are from playing DM-Cypress, one of my very favorite maps.

This is how we play Tag around here.

Ain't gonna tag me. Stupid bot.

There's the pointer that tells you who's It. Kinda like wearing a target on your back... only it's easier to see.

Stupid bots.

See that timer glowing? That means I'm It.
But this Redeemer oughta fix that.

This Relic of Vengeance will make sure that I'm not It for long!

"Uncommon leads the match with 0:00 as It..." It's all a matter of time. And I had quite a time figuring out how to change the message on those marquees...

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