Bombing Spree

version 2.0.1
for UT2004


version 1.1
for UT2003



A simple modification to the basic Bombing Run gametype: more balls! You can have up to 4 balls in play at once. The extra balls are added to the middle of the map automatically, so custom maps are not necessary (though you can make a custom map if you don't like the automatic placement). A new round begins when all balls have been scored.

Oh, and the balls explode too.

There is also the option of team balls - balls that can only be picked up by members of their own team. And since you don't want enemy balls going nuclear in your base, you can shoot them to detonate them more safely.

Version 2.0 is redone fore UT2004, adding the ability to customize ball placement on individual maps, the option to not respawn at the beginning of every round, and several other tweaks. Version 2.0.1 fixes the HUD in net game clients.

Pick a ball.

Enough balls for everyone.

Every goal is a suicide run... unless you shoot it in and hide real quick. But how could you live with yourself?


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