version 1.0
for UT2004 (17.3MB)


CTF4 for UT2004
is required!


screenshot This is, actually, what Bombing Spree was always meant to be: more balls and more teams!

Building on the 4-team features added in the TDM4/CTF4 mod (required), BR4 similarly takes Bombing Run to the next level. Each map can hold up to four teams and eight balls. The four-team scoring options - Distribution, Designation, Subtraction and Elimination - are present here as well.

You also have the Team Balls option introduced in Bombing Spree, but with an extra dimension only possible with four teams. Here you get three options:

  • None: All balls are neutral and may be picked up by, and scored against, any team.
  • Pickup: Team-colored balls can only be picked up by players on the matching team.
  • Scoring: Team-colored balls can only be scored against players on the matching team. You cannot pick up your own team's ball, but you can block it when an enemy shoots it at your goal.

You can shoot at any team ball that you cannot pick up, causing it to reset.

To give feedback, go to the forums or log in to the CTF4 bugs site.

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