Flag Domination

version 3.3 (8.1MB)
for UT2004 (umod version)

version 3.3 (8.1MB)
for UT2004 (zip version)

version 2.0.1 (2.7 MB)
for UT2003

version 1.1 (152k)
for Unreal Tournament




Flag Domination combines elements of Capture the Flag and Domination: simply touching a control point isn't enough here, you have to capture that flag!

Here's how it works: the flags start out in a neutral place, and each flag has a designated spot to be captured by each team. Some maps have two flags, and some have three.

Flag Domination plays either on its own FD maps (see below), or on Onslaught maps, automatically replacing power nodes with flags and capture points.

Points are scored in one of four ways:

Rounds - Capture two flags and hold them for 10 seconds to score a point, as in Double Domination. On a three-flag map, getting a third flag scores a bonus point.

Timed - Captured flags score one point every 10 seconds until they are stolen.

Scavenger - Capturing a flag immediately earns one point. The flag reappears in the center after 10 seconds.

Incursion - Like Scavenger, only reversed: you must capture flags in the enemy base. Think of it as being like Bombing Run, only with multiple balls and multiple goals!

Additionally there is the Flag Points option: each flag has a limit on the number of points that can be gained from it. This means the pace and strategy of the game will change as the easy flags get used up. It also means you can't let the enemy team get too far ahead, or there won't be enough points left for you to catch up! If the flags get used up and the teams are tied, the match is decided by a sudden death round.

In the UT version, scoring is timed as in original Domination, and all maps have three flags.

If you are interested in making custom FD maps, instructions are included (or see the wiki page). You can use the standard flags (A, B and C for UT2003/04; Lion, Snake and Bat for UT) or make your own. Creating custom flags is particularly easy in UT2003/04, since you only have to make the flag symbol and it automatically gets displayed on the flags, banners, and monitors.

Version 3.3 of Flag Domination for UT2004 changes the Timed scoring mode to score once every 10 seconds instead of every second, plus several other fixes and additions. For a full list of changes, log in to the bugs database, select Flag Domination, and click the Change Log link.


Flag Domination maps for UT2004

Absolute Zero (15.6MB)

Atlantis (1.6MB)

Tomb of Ethkantes (6MB)

Bridge of Fate (6.5MB)

Skylink (7.4MB)*

Underground (3.4MB)*

* Requires Flag Pack 2004
Flag Domination maps for UT2003/2004

Orbital 2 (3.8MB)

Canyon (3.9MB)

Double Dammage (4.7MB)

ElecFields (3.7MB)

Disclosure (4.4MB)

Avaris (6.5MB)

Tech Dream (6.8MB)

Tomb of Ethkantes beta (6MB)

Flag Domination maps for Unreal Tournament - download all

Facing Worlds (408k)

Coret Facility (1.1MB)

November (876k)

Tomb of Sesmar (692k)

Rush (420k)

Lego4Ever by Maarten Tops (3.6MB)


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