Flag Domination

version 1.0.1 - 1.9MB
for Unreal Tournament



Introducing 15 new kinds of flags to capture! We've got helpful flags, we've got hurtful flags, flags that give you stuff, and flags that just blow up! Pick and choose which ones you want in your game... and be careful about which ones you try to capture! Pick up multiple flags and compound the Effects!

So grab that download... load it up like any normal mutator... fire up a game of CTF4, Flag Domination or Apprehension... and experience a new dimension in flag games!

Note to mod authors: You too can support Flag Mutators such as this in your flag games! Feel free to open up the source to CTF4 and Flag Domination to see how, and hit the forums if you have any more questions! Not only that, it's easy to add your own effects. Check out how the Vengeance flag is done.

The Healing Flag, which heals you as you carry it, leaves a consolation prize after it's captured (this one randomly became a Damage Flag afterwards).

The Damage Flag, which hurts you as you carry it, leaves some presents too (as it happened, this one became a Healing Flag afterwards).

The Damage Amplifier Flag. Guess what it gives you.

The Vengeance Flag doesn't like being dropped. They're gonna die.

In fact, the Vengeance Flag doesn't like being captured either. He's gonna die too.

The Homing Flag: automatic lock-on for all projectile weapons. Homing flak is particularly enjoyable.

If you can get past Kara, this flag has an Effect that will give you full ammo.

Cryss was a little too close when she nailed the Bomb Flag's carrier. Loque was also on fire, but that's another story.

Don't be in your base when someone captures your Bomb Flag.