Shock Skymines

version 1.1
for UT2004



Those chain skymine combos sure are fun. Too bad you can only do them when you're sitting in the passenger seat of a Hellbender or SPMA. Unless, of course, you were to use this mutator.

Normally, a shock rifle can only detonate a singe skymine, but the Shock Skymines mutator allows you to do the whole chain. It makes it a little easier to take on a Hellbender or SPMA on foot, but of course it does eat up your ammo.

Version 1.1 works with SPMA skymines; in fact, it will work with any vehicle weapon that shoots skymines.

Note: This does not enable chain combos on shock rifle projectiles, only skymines.

Step 1: Detonate

Step 2: Terminate
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