Shareware products are free to download and try out. Once you have determined to keep them, you can purchase them on-line through Kagi.

Icon Machine 3.2 for Mac OS X
Icon Machine A Mac OS X icon editor with a standard array of tools, Drag and Drop and contextual menu support, and a unique approach to mask editing. Now featuring modernized font support and Quartz text drawing.
Affiliate for Mac OS X
Affiliate A single-user, peer-to-peer application? Details to follow...
StuffCM 2.6 for Mac OS 9
StuffCM A contextual menu plugin for using Aladdin Systems' StuffIt Engine to compress and decompress files directly in the Finder.
NewCM 1.2.2 for Mac OS 9
NewCM A CM plugin for quickly creating new documents in Finder windows.


These items are all open source, so if any developers are interested in participating in the projects, I'd love to hear about it.

Volley An open source, plugin-based community application similar to Hotline or Carracho, and potentially compatible with both. Volley is currently in the early stages of planning and development. See the Volley section of the forums.
An open source library of C++ wrappers for the Mac toolbox. The main focus is on user interface tasks such as Carbon Event handling, but there are also many other types of classes. Many of these classes are used in Icon Machine and Volley.
CCMAreaCCMArea is set of C++ classes for adding contextual menu support to Metrowerks PowerPlant applications.
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