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XVG is a drawing application base on SVG, an emerging web-standard vector graphics format. The focus is on creating static images, including support for paths, gradients, filters, and some CSS features.

XVG is Mac OS X native, implemented in Cocoa. It is an open source project under the BSD license. See the SourceForge project page to download the current source files.

This project is currently in the early development phase. There are no downloadable builds yet, but an attempt is made to keep the source in the repository in a state that will always build and run.


  • Create a full-featured 2D illustration application
  • Conform to SVG and other appropriate standards, supporting all SVG features appropriate to creating static images
  • Present an intuitive, attractive and useful user interface
  • Make the basic functionality reusable in other applications

Currently out of scope:

  • Animation
  • DOM and scripting support
  • Interactivity and hyperlinks

See the blog XVG category for current development updates.